Richard Kugler - From Wikipedia.  

Dr. Richard  Kugler is  an internationally known, heavily published thinker, writer, and  scholar on U.S. national security policy and defense strategy.  He is  especially known for his sophisticated analyses of complex policy issues  and options, and for producing innovative policies, strategies, plans,  programs, and budgets that help shape official thinking. In Search of Wisdom: Guiding the Twists and Turns of U.S. National Security Strategy  is Dr. Kugler's twentieth book.  In addition, he has published many  journal articles, book chapters, and official studies in this field.   

A  political scientist, defense economist, and operations research  analyst, Dr. Kugler holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of  Technology (MIT).  His long career in this field stretches back to the  late 1960's.  During 1968-1972, he was an Air Force officer and a  Vietnam War veteran.  During 1975-1984, he served as a senior defense  analyst and Federal Senior Executive in the Office of Secretary of  Defense (Program Analysis and Evaluation).  From 1984 to 1988, he was  Director of the Pentagon's Strategic Concept Development Center and an  adviser to the Secretary of Defense and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of  Staff.  During 1988-1997, he was a senior defense strategist, corporate  research leader, and associate chairman of the political science  department at the RAND Corporation, a top think tank.  From 1997-2006,  he was a Distinguished Research Professor at the National Defense  University, and a senior consultant there during 2006-2013.   

While  at RAND, Dr. Kugler worked with Dr. Ronald Asmus and Dr. F. Stephen  Larrabee to play an instrumental role in creating the U.S. strategy for  NATO enlargement.  RAND publicly credited their work as one of its most  significant accomplishments in over 50 years, a conclusion that was  echoed by many newspapers and political leaders in the United States and  Europe.  In addition to his work on NATO enlargement, Dr. Kugler is  widely known for his influential contributions to creation of the NATO  Response Force, U.S. defense policies in Europe during the Cold War and  afterward, U.S. security strategy in the Persian Gulf, and the U.S.  global military presence.    

Dr.  Kugler's many books include: Commitment to Purpose: How Alliance  Partnership Won the Cold War (1993),  Toward a Dangerous World: U.S.  National Security Strategy for the Coming Turbulence (1996), The Global  Century: Globalization and National Security, Volume 1 & 2 by  Richard L. Kugler and Ellen L. Frost (2002), Policy Analysis in National  Security Affairs: New Methods for a New Era (2006),  New Directions in  U.S. National Security Strategy, Defense Plans, and Diplomacy (2011),  and Strategic Shift: Appraising Recent Changes in U.S. Defense Plans and  Priorities (2013--with Linton Wells II).  

Dr.  Kugler has been awarded the Distinguished Civilian Service Medal, the  Exceptional Civilian Service Medal, the Meritorious Civilian Service  Medal, and other decorations.    

Dr.  Kugler has also taught graduate courses at RAND, Georgetown  University and George Washington University in Security Policy Studies  (Defense Analysis using Operations Research/Systems Analysis Techniques  for policy analysis). Kugler was an adjunct professor of international  relations at both universities. Many of his students have gone on to  senior level positions in DOD, US Department of State, NATO and other  national and international policy oriented organizations.